Yellow Tomatoes

Low Acid Yellow Tomatoes


Low Acid tomatoes are great tomato alternatives for people with medical diets, cold sores, stomach problems, and acid reflux.

Lycopene is known for its many health benefits. It has been correlated to reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and macular degenerative disease. A common misconception is that lycopene is associated with the red pigment of tomatoes.  However, yellow tomatoes also contain lycopene and recent studies such as one published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition suggest that the benefits of the antioxidant may be greater when consumed via yellow tomatoes.



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Yellow vs Red Tomatoes

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Tomatoes benefit your canine by providing a defense against cancer and other degenerative diseases.

They are also a good source in vitamin C as well as antioxidants.



Note: Only feed your dog ripe tomatoes, do not feed leaves or stems as they are toxic to dogs!

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