Working with raw wool

This project had been on the back burner for a few years, not for the lack of wanting to do the work, but finding the time to commit to this huge project!


Shearing season this spring allowed me to pick up 5 local fleeces from a Charolais/Suffolk sheep cross.


Although we most often see white fluffy sheep pictures, the fleeces were incredibly dirty.








It  took me a week of back breaking work, washing outside, bent over large tubs of water.






Once washed and dried, the fleece still needs a ton of work, dry picking all of the dried grasses and seeds stuck in the strands.






I had decided to purchase a drum carder as opposed to hand carders after watching a few video tutorials.








Hand carding looked pretty hard on the wrists, and as I wanted to card quite a bit of wool,  I made the big purchase of a drum carder.








This carder came all the way from the Ukraine!

It is hand made and great quality for the price!



Click to see this carder by Happy Wooling on Etsy



I am also interested in spinning with a drop spindle.

I made a crude one of my own to make thick chunky yarn and am happy with the result!

Instead of making a short shaft for my spindle, I made one that reaches the floor, to spin off my thigh as this expert shows in this video that I’ve watched a bunch of times before giving it a try!


Click to see Clara in action!




For more info about techniques for washing raw wool, click to check out The 10 acre woods tutorial!


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Click to see my post about my first wet felted project!





























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