Women’s moto gear review

I’ve finally got some quality boots, leg & arm armour that fit smaller women riders.
This was not an easy task, as shops don’t carry smaller sizes because the demand is low, so finding products was difficult.

I went through a few different brands and have come up with what I consider to be the best quality women riding boot, leg & arm pads.


I currently have two different brands:

Alpine Star- Model: Tech6– At the time these boots retailed for about $700.00 CAD, though I managed to find my size used.

This boot offers great support. It had a sew on sole but no hinged ankle and is heavier that the SIDI.

It doesn’t appear that Alpine Star currently carries the tech 6 boot.




SIDI- Model:Sidi Womens X-3 Lei Boots. $539.00 CAD
The only women’s boot I’ve found that has a hinged ankle.
As we do a lot of back country exploring and are most often on trails where we have to bushwhack, scout, hike etc…this is the perfect boot for me. They are super comfortable, more form fitting than the Alpine Star Tech6 and well made, and also has a sewn on sole.





I note the sewn on sole as my first pair of boots, the Alpine Star3, fell apart after a season. They were big and very bulky reminding me of “moon” boots if you are old enough to remember those, lol! The soles soon began to leak and they were super frustrating to get on and off as the buckles wouldn’t do up. Most of the time I couldn’t get them all done up, so just pulled my pant leg down around them to keep them on.



Leg pads:
EVS-Model: EVS TP199-Travis Pastrana $120.00

I love these leg pads!! They are the best fitting and most comfortable set I have found.






The inner neoprene sleeve is very comfy inside my boot and it comes with two wide elastic velcro close straps to secure them on. I particularly like the wrap around protection to the sides of my knee. Most Leg pads only cover the front. The extra side padding is great for squeezing the bike while riding.

These also machine wash very well.

I’ve had these for a couple of years and they show minimal wear. The construction is beefy and it looks like they will last a long time.



Elbow pads
Alpine Star – Model: Moab
The only elbow pads I’ve found that fit smaller arms and stay in place!
These pads have a criss cross adjustable strap plus a heavy mesh that covers the biceps.
The elbow & forearm are fully protected.
They show minimal wear after hmmm… about 10 years of use!

These look very similar to the set I have:
Alpinestars Sequence Elbow Guards $79.97 CAD





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