Winter is the time for art making

For me, winter is the time for working on my art.
I try to get as much as I can get done before the busyness of spring starts!



This winter I’ve been working a few projects such as weaving my pine needle baskets.


I love incorporating the witches hair lichen that I had harvested last fall into my baskets!


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The past few days have been a little on the dreary side.

We don’t usually get much rain here, but I must admit the skies have turned dark and gloomy unlike the majority of our winter that has been filled with sparkly crunchy white snow and brilliant blue skies.






Thus the gravitation toward weaving some cheerful coloured yarns into my baskets!





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My pendants made from pine needles are also a very popular item.

I incorporate a little glass bead center into the pendant.



Click to see Ponderosa pine needle pendants



Years ago I started making small batch natural soaps, using essential oils to make different natural scents.

Last summer I started to introduce soaps made with local wild plants to my collection and they proved to be very popular.

I harvest plants around my property such as; pine needle, juniper, wild rose & soap berry. I air dry the plants and infuse some with oil or water. Some dried plants I grind into powder and add to the soap batter as it is being made.


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This year I am adding sage to the collection as it grows so abundantly here and smells so lovely!


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Stay tuned for new artwork for sale!

New artwork will be posted on this blog, and you can also follow along with weekly posts on my facebook or instagram pages!



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