Wim Hof- The power of breathing

I was surfing the net one day and came across Wim Hof.
At first he might seem a little eccentric…well maybe he is, but that doesn’t matter.

What he has to say, really matters!

We all know that breathing is essential to living.
We all use it’s advantages when we practice sports, yoga, weight lifting etc. But all of those practices use only a tiny bit of its potential.

It has been scientifically proven, that by using the techniques that Win teaches, that it helps the body in a number of ways. Just to name a few:

  • helps boost the immune system
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • general well-being and energy balance

I watched the free mini classes, read some more, watched a few interviews…and thought ,”what have I got to lose?”

“Breathing fully” sounds easy, but it’s not. Normally, most of us use only a small fraction of our breath, so it might take a person who has never practiced deep breathing a few times to get it.

I had practiced deep breathing while weight training and mountain bike racing, but that was quite some years ago, so I had to practice a couple of times before getting it again.

The breathing exercise that Wim teaches doesn’t work unless you fully expand your lungs with air and fully release all of the air. And it’s true what he says too, that you might feel dizzy when practicing this technique, and it did.. I could also feel the oxygen and blood going through my arms and legs!

So I tired the first class, first doing push ups without practicing the deep breathing, to have a base count ( I did 5 and it was hard!).

The next day I did the deep breathing in and out 30 times as Wim suggests, then while holding my breath, I did as many push ups as I could.

I was shocked that I easily did 20 push ups, though I could have done way more if I hadn’t run out of breath! It was super quick and easy and I felt energized afterwards!

I tried this technique again a few days later just to be sure, and sure as heck it worked! This time I did 25 push ups!

I am going to incorporate this breathing technique into my daily morning stretching. I believe it will set me up for an energized way to start my day!



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