Weaving with lichen

I was hiking amongst the trees just below the alpine and noticed tons of long tree lichen and decided to harvest some.
I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to use it, but the idea was to incorporate it somehow into my basket weaving.

I used a rubber mat and hand roved it just like I did with my raw wool.






Attaching pieces to make a long rove was pretty easy as the lichen has a very fibrous nature. At first I tried to crochet with it, but the roving I made was a little thick, so I decided to weave it into my pine needle baskets as I do with colourful yarn.







The outcome was so beautiful!

The dark green of the lichen and the light brown of the pine needles worked very well together!

Weaving with lichen, who would have thought?!

I dried the finished basket by the wood stove overnight so that it would be ready to display at our very last farmers market of the season the next day.




A few people managed to see it before it got sold and the great interest spurred me on to make more!


I hope to have a good pile for our big Christmas fair coming Sunday 17 November at the Lillooet recreational centre gym. (Admission is by donation for the Lillooet SPCA).


Hair lichen is a nutritious food source for moose, deer, caribou and flying squirrels.
It can also be used for bandages and can be eaten or made into tea.


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Alectoria sarmentosa

Witches hair


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