We rode for miles and miles….

This may have been the last ride of the season…

Wild fires in BC have closed much of the wilderness to all traffic, luckily we got one doozie of a ride in on the last day before the closure!

My longest ride yet on the Beta Xtrainer, 122.4 km’s over 6 hours. We actually combined our two favorite rides into one.

I had 2 hard parts I wanted to clean by the end of the season and on this last ride managed to obtain both of my goals!

One was a steppy, steep tight twisty downhill, having cleaned only parts of it in past attempts. The most memorable attempt was last fall after a slushy snowfall non the less! I had ridden the hardest part and was so elated that crashed soon afterwards!

On this day trail conditions were just as difficult as that snowy fall ride, though quite extremely opposite! It was super dry and very dusty.

I had my suspension rebound turned down which helped from my seat hitting my ass, pitching me forward all the way down the trail last time, and also slowed the rebound on my forks so I wasn’t poggoing so much. Also with decreasing the air in my back tire to 9.5 lbs also helped keep me planted. Wow! What a huge difference!

We met a couple of trials guys were were coming up the trail, and I hope I wasn’t too rude not wanting to stop to chat as I had to keep my mojo going!

What a huge rush  it was when I got to the bottom “crash free”! I was shaking pretty hard from the excitement of it all!

The second goal was to clean a long loose uphill with a deep gravelly trench in the middle that you have to cross continually, getting up onto the solid sides for traction. The last couple of times I got stuck about half way up in the center of the trench digging a hole with my back tire…yes, still learning “where” and how much to throttle on this torquey 2 stroke!

My trials skills have saved me tons while I learn to ride the Xtrainer, and on this hill climb I used one of the trials techniques of pre loading and snapping the throttle at the same time to get up onto the sides without spinning my back tire. It did the trick! I used that technique a bunch of times and cleaned the climb quite smoothly.

As we were riding the second half of our cross country adventure we came across another small group of dirt bikers. This was unusual as we rarely see anyone out there in the back country..

One of the guys had crashed on nothing worthy to note, but had a compound tib-fib fracture which has put him out for 3-4 months!

You can read more on that story here:


We took down some contact numbers to call when we got back into cell service (which was about 4 hours away) and went off on our way.

Having cleaned two of my trouble spots, this is a memorable ride for me and I can’t wait to get out there again…though with the wild fire situation here in BC I may have to wait until next year!