Tom Cole Trail/Tiffin Creek FSR

Tom Cole Trail/Tiffin Creek FSR

Distance 26 km from town center, sharp right off Hwy 99 North onto dirt road past “closed” sign. Park here for motto.

 Hiking trail

Distance: 2.2 km 60 mins up, 45 down

Rated: Moderate

Continue driving up the to 35 km (from town centre) taking the lower left at a 3 way fork. Drive in another km past a small creek and culvert. Park at 36 km.


The trail goes through old growth forest and alpine meadows with views of Marble Range. Alternate less defined path follows old cattle trail through meadows, following the height of land along the ridge to the top of Mt. Cole.

  • Max Elevation 1690 metres
  • Elevation Gain 285mtrs
  • Topo Map Pavillion 92-I/13


When we started riding up this road this morning, we soon realized what “big country” we were in!

Views of surrounding mountains were endless and dense green forest stretched out for as far as we could see in almost every direction!

Tom Cole 28 Jun 2015_4722

As we gained elevation, the dirt road turned into double track, with hiking single track spurs heading off in a few places.


There were signs that we weren’t the only ones out there, lots of big piles of bear poop on the double track, and moose poop too!


43c_4723It was to be a very hot day today, so we had started early and were off the bikes by noon!




There is much territory left for more exploring and plan to head back that way again soon.


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