The process of my gourd lamp making

The creation, from beginning to end!
There a a few steps, some that one might not think about, for instance it takes almost a year to get a gourd ready! It takes a season to grow, then after harvest a season to dry & clean a gourd before a design can even be started!

Up until this year, I have been making art from gourds donated by some of my peers.
This year I have grown some of my own using the “hay bale” gardening technique.



I’ve a very old folder from school days, that I still use to sketch ideas in.
Sometimes the ideas come easily and some not so easily. The design also pends on what the shape of the gourd lends to. Often I will put a few different shaped gourds on the table, just leaving them there for awhile to look at. Sometimes it takes days for a design to “appear” on the empty canvas!



At the moment it appears that I am greatly inspired by the change in the season from summer to fall. Fall also brings buck season, thus images of these creatures that live in the forest around me have also been on my brain.







To tell you the truth, when I started this piece I had intended to make it into a “blackened” theme. The idea was to do black over the orange so that only a subtle orange might come through. But once I got the orange down I couldn’t cover it up!

I have a basic collection of acrylic paints, nothing fancy as I like to mix my own shades. By doing so, I have found I can get an unlimited selection of shades from mixing only a few base colours. I have the 3 primary colours, red, yellow and blue as well as white, green and black.




The outlines are done with a wood burning tool and to my surprise, I could use it after I had painted. The effect of the design burning through the paint onto the gourd turned out surprisingly very cool.







The last and most intimidating step is drilling the holes in the gourd after it has been painted. I use a dremel that you can get different tips for. I also use my dremel to engrave the tins I use to sell my natural lip balms and skin creams in.







My gourd lamps come complete with an led light fixture and wooden pedestal.

I sell many over the Christmas shopping season as they have proven to make wonderful special gifts for those looking to purchase hand made.


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