Slow good~ my best work to date…

I have been doing gourd art for a few years now and ideas for design always seemed to come pretty easily.








This fall I had been engrossed in pine needle weaving with lichen and even though I had my blank gourds on the table waiting for the design “to come”, it never did…well it did eventually, but took months instead of the usual few days.






This design is different than the rest, with less bold lines and colours and painted lines on top of colours.








This gourd was grown in Lillooet.

The design is an original hand drawing and is wood burned into the gourd, then painted and drilled. I have sprayed a light water based varathane for added protection.






I believe that this is my best work to date…


This piece is 15″ tall on the wooden pedestal which comes with as well as an led light bulb and rolling on/off electrical cord.






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