Re usable shopping bags made from re-claimed materials

I’ve been making my own specialized hand sewn paper bags from re claimed packing paper and grain bags for our farmers market season for the past couple of years.


I like the idea of using re claimed materials instead of buying new.


Also I can make any size I need, and use my rubber stamp to add my logo.



I had my rubber stamp made quite awhile ago, in lieu of printing on new paper and having to print by machine.



My business cards & labels are made from re claimed packing paper and are hand stamped with my rubber stamper!





There are a lot of folks who raise their own livestock here and I heard throw away the woven plastic feed bags.


These bags are very durable and strong, perfect for carrying veggies and other items one might purchase at a summer farmers market!


So I’ve made “a call” for feed bag donations.





This project is not about making a dollar, but getting our customers to stop using plastic and start using re usable shopping bags instead.

The shopping bags will be sold for the cost of labour only, as the materials will be free.




These bags have 2 handles plus a long shoulder strap, and are sewn with heavy duty nylon textile 45 thread.

Dimensions are approximately 20”w x 17”h

Cost $7.00 ea




Please feel free to contact me if you would like to donate feed bags, or if you are interested in purchasing some!

Click to email me!





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