Quinoa pudding ~ a healthy alternative to rice pudding

Use up your left over quinoa from dinner and make it into a delicious healthy dessert or breakfast meal!

2 c cooked quinoa
2 T honey
1c unsweetned almond milk
sprinkle nutmeg & cinnamon
¼c chopped roasted almonds
¼c raw pumpkin seed
1/4c roasted sunflower seed
1 T black sesame seed
2 T hemp hearts
2T raisins
2 T dried cranberries
optional 2 T chopped dried apricots or figs(if you add figs, instead of cinnamon & nutmeg, add a sprinkle of crushed fennel or anise).

Stir honey into warm quinoa, mix well.
Stir in almond milk and rest of ingredients.
Refrigerate & store covered.