My trick to working indoors on sunny days

Finding time to continually make art is sometimes a little harder when it is sunny outside!
I have forever known to become antsy on sunny days, not being able to focus on indoors tasks until I get a dose of vitamin D!

Although my day always begins with a hike in the forest with my Angus-dog, of late I have been getting out for a lunch hour ride on my trials bike.

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An hour of fresh air, sun, adrenaline and a little bit of healthy exercise helps to get into my calm space to create for the afternoon.



I know that not everyone has this opportunity, therefore I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to live such a balanced lifestyle.

Though in saying that, it came with many decisions in getting to the place where I am now. It’s all about choices & priorities.




These are my latest new pieces:

A custom leather belt buckle for a friend to go with a hand tooled leather belt. Original hand drawn design.

Please feel free to inquire about custom leather belt buckles and or belts!

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Woven Pondereosa pine needle basket, highlighted with colourful yarn.


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