My life as an artist

I start my day with a hike in the forest with my best bud, Angus.

Spending time in the forest helps to clear my head, and I come back
to “my studio” energized and ready to focus on the many projects that I
have going.

As I don’t yet have a heated workshop outside for such tasks as cleaning and drilling gourds, hammering copper for bracelets and lamp stands, I get to work when the sun is shining in the warmest part of the winter day, and work in the warmth of the southern side of my house.

It takes many hours to weave my ponderosa pine needle baskets and many more to harvest and sort the needles.

I didn’t want to be outside in the cold windy, winter weather like my first year of basket making, so before the cold weather hit this year I scurried around the forest harvesting dry pine needles to have in stock for basket making over the winter.


… I see a heated outside work shop in my near future!



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