Dirt bike or trials bike?


Day Break_4876

It was a toss up of whether to take my trials or dirt bike on the ride today. On the trials bike, I would be fine with whatever came at me as I am familiar with it, but on the other hand, I needed more peg time on the dirt bike to get better…so I loaded the dirtbike onto my new Boss Motorcycle carrier,


The weather reported 38c today so we got off to an early start on our epic all girl ride.

ADK Lake_4878








After enjoying the awesome views of this beautiful bright blue lake; having a snack and taking some picts, we  headed up the valley through meadows now covered in bright wild flowers with steep grassy hills to our right and steep rocky cliff faces to our left.

SS Meadow_4895

Hillside Meadow East_4897

As we climbed out of the valley, the path turned ugly for awhile with a long stretch of loose boulders, taking much care not to bounce to the left and over the cliff (eekk!). I managed to bounce myself off a couple of times, but persevered and got back on.



Racheal & Me way to summit_4874

We reached the ridge summit (20 km’s) after almost 6 km’s of exposed, narrow in places steep loose gravel road and parked our bikes to hiked a short distance up to the very top where a stone cairn crowns the summit at 10,140 feet!!

ADK Prkg summit_4875

The panoramic views from here are un imaginable! We took a bunch of picts ( I couldn’t figure out how to get the panoramic photo to work on my new iphone6, so settled for “regular” picts), had a few snacks and spent some time taking in the views and breathing the fresh cool air.

The riding temperature was perfectly cool all day until we got back to the trucks 5 ½ hours later to be hit with 40c heat!

I thank my g-friends for their positive energy and support on this ride as it was the most technical one for me yet on my new Honda CRF150RB.

Look for more stories about my back country exploratory trips coming this summer…