Quinoa Salad Rolls

Quinoa Salad Rolls

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Pending how much leftovers you have, mix with the following paste so that your stuffing stays together:

2-4 T peanut butter
dash hoisin sauce (optional) click for home made recipe!
½ – 1 c boiled water
Rice Wraps

Mix together: water, peanut butter & hoisin sauce, making a thick paste.

Mix sauce with quinoa salad leftovers.

Rice wrap preparation:

Dip wrap in bowl of hot but not boiling water
The wrap will become soft as you dip.
Lay soft wrap on tea towel
Scoop quinoa onto the wrap
Fold like a burrito (fold the end closest to you first, then the sides)
The wrap will stick to itself when rolled.

You can use leftover peanut sauce for dipping (optional add a dash of chili sauce)
To store, wrap individually and keep in fridge.




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