Kombucha tea recipe

I prefer a light tasting tea, so I make my kombucha tea with only green tea.

If you want a stronger tasting tea, add one black tea bag to 3 green tea bags, or use all black tea.

I also prefer to add 1/2 water 1/2 tea for daily drinking.

If you are using the tea as an ingredient for salad dressing or marinade, use full strength, un diluted tea.



1 c leftover kombucha tea
1 scoby
4 green tea bags
3 1/2 quarts purified water
1 c white sugar






Hard boil 3.5 quarts water for 1 minute.

Remove from heat, add sugar and tea bags, stir to dissolve sugar.

Leave at room temperature overnight (*do not add SCOBY to hot water!)

Next morning: Remove tea bags, pour into large glass jar with your room temperature scoby.

Document on calendar when added.

Mark 10 days on your calendar and test for readiness at the 10 day mark.

Your scoby may float or sink, it doesn’t matter. A new scoby baby will form on top while brewing. You can store the new scoby’s in your scoby hotel, give them away to friends for making their own tea or feed to your pets, raw or dehydrated. (Cut scoby into bite size pieces prior to feeding to your pet)!

Cover glass brewing jar with a coffee filter holding in place with elastic band or cheesecloth. (A large pickle jar works wonderfully!)

Wrap jar in a towel, ensure that top is not covered to let breathe.

Let stand without disturbing in warm, dry, ventilated space for 10 days.

After 10 days decant into smaller sealed jars and refrigerate for consumption.

Testing for readiness:

You know your tea is ready when it starts to smell a little vinegary.
You may also taste a little to ensure that the sweetness of the sugar has been transformed.

If you don’t have time to make more tea, place your scoby with 1 cup tea in sealed glass jar and store in the refrigerator, where is will become dormant until you bring it back to room temperature.

Notes about water:

If you do not have access to spring, creek, rain or distilled water and want to use tap water, here is how to dechlorinate tap water:

Boil chlorinated tap water for 10 minutes.
Let it sit out overnight for any extra chlorine to evaporate off.

For more info about water for kombucha tea making:

What is a scoby hotel?

A scoby hotel are leftover scoby’s covered in tea and stored in a sealed jar in the fridge where they become dormant until brought to room temperature.

Kombucha for pets:

How to make Dehydrated scoby dog treats:


For more information about kombucha tea and its health benefits, please refer to my original article: http://ponderosacountrylife.com/kombucha-tea/