Keeping our dogs warm in cold weather

My little Staffordshire Terrier, Angus does not have the warm
undercoat that most dogs do, so he needs help staying
warm in cold weather.

Angus Wool Coat & Boots_6161I found a wool poncho last summer at a thrift store and used
the fabric to make my dog a warm wool coat out of it.

We spent a couple of days hiking in a foot on snow in -18c weather
and found that his feet also needed cold weather protection.






Angus's new Snowboots Nov 2015_6162


There are many online suppliers who sell boots, but I needed some right away so I whipped up a set of neoprene velcro wrap boots.

I also added an extra layer of synthetic shammy on the inside bottom for extra insulation.






Mason Jar 100g Skin Cream_6141I also apply All Natural Skin Cream to his paws that I made. It’s is good for both myself and my dog. It helps keep his paws moist, and helps repair sore cracked or damaged paws.

The cream is made from 100% pure coconut butter and raw unrefined shea butter.
I had used the  cream last summer on Angus’s dry cracked paws he got from the heat. The cream healed his paws within 2 days, applying the cream twice daily.
Coconut butter has natural anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.
Raw unrefined shea butter heals burns, scars and dry cracked skin.
For more information about All Natural Skin Cream see the link below:


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