Keeping my dog healthy: mind, body & soul

Happy Angus Hydro site walk 16 Oct 2014_2396Just like us, our pets also need to be fed healthy foods, exercise regularly and have mental stimulation.

By making sure my dog gets all of these key ingredients not only do I keep him from visits to the vet, but I also get a well behaved and happy dog!

Healthy Eating:
Just like us, if we stay away from feeding our pet processed foods, re: white flour & sugar our dog will not only be physically healthier, but healthy eating also promotes a healthy mind!

When I first got my 10 month old Angus, he was skin and bone; his hair was dry and brittle and he cowered when approaching him to pet, having been beaten from the previous owner. He was fed “No Name” dog food, the kind that comes in the bright yellow bag.

I immediately introduced Angus to an all natural raw food diet, which now shows in his shiny coat, shiny happy eyes and muscled physique.
Any veggies that can be eaten raw he gets, and some cooked such as potatoes or baked squash. We also hunt and during our butchering process, put aside meat to be made into burger which we freeze in serving size packages for the year. Meat may include big game such as deer or moose, or when in season, grouse.
Deer Meat_2560
Snacks may vary from saved roasted squash seeds, to celery and carrot chunks,  bits of fruit, or small pieces of nori.
He seem to love everything from lettuce, to beets, apples, squashes and melons!










Physical & Mental Exercise:
Just like us, our pet dogs need daily physical and mental exercise.

A tired dog is a good dog

I consider ourselves extremely lucky to live where we do, among thousands of acres of woodland,
unlike city dogs who get their exercise mainly walking on leash or at a dog park.

Regular exercise can improve your dog’s mental health and reduce some behaviors done out of anxiety or boredom.

Just like us, we need to break a sweat on a hike and get our heart rate up.
Dogs need more exercise than just a “walk”. They need to run until they are breathing hard and are tired!
Angus Pooped Out_4107
Our daily routine consists of an hour, often over 2 or 3 hour hikes (with lots of hilly climbs) accompanied by lots of stick throwing so he gets the extra mileage.

During the hike he will be practicing or learning new commands. He is able to learn a new command within 3 days when taught consistently.

Watch Angus learning a new command by clicking here!

Often we will go on a shorter afternoon walk, by doing so rids him of any excess energy he might have (…left, ha! Ha!) to be restful for the evening.
Angus feet_4059
This routine not only keeps Angus happy and healthy, but it keeps my body and mind in balance as well! A win, win situation if you ask me!
Me & Angus Fountain Trail Fall 2015_3649

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