milling your own grain

I use a mix of freshly milled whole grains in all of my baking recipes.

Scoop of Grains

After much research in milling machines and attachments for small kitchen appliances such as food processors and mixers, I decided to purchase a Vitamix blender with the dry grain” container.

Vitamix Blender

I have found this product perfect for everyday cooking and baking use.

As freshly milled flour must be used within 24 hours due to the oils released, I find it quick and easy to mill the amount called for in the recipe.

I have found that the difference between eating foods made from freshly milled whole grains compared to commercially milled store bought flours is astronomical!





I was unaware that today’s millers remove all trace of the bran and the germ, losing about 22 of the 26 known vitamins and minerals in the process, and all of the valuable roughage our bodies need to absorb and remove unwanted toxins and poisons within our digestive system.


For more information about flours, please click on the link below:

About Flour


Whole Grain KernelsOver the past couple of years, I also decided to use more grains with less gluten, choosing certain grains for their health benefits and higher nutrients.

Notes: I have since taken wheat out of my diet, having found research that helped me to understand health issues that this modified grain leads to.
After trial and error testing, I personally feel ill after consuming commercial wheat; including commercially made flour or products made from; such as bread, pasta etc.

Therefore my recipes have been adjusted from using wheat flour to a combination of some alternate grains such as: Spelt, buckwheat, oats, rye, amaranth, coconut.

For more information about alternate whole grains and nutrient content, please click on the following link:

About Whole Grains


Bowl of Flaked GrainIn addition to milling my own grains into flour for baking, I also hand flake whole grains to be used in recipes that call for “rolled oats”, such as cookies, home made granola and granola bars, porridge or adding to meat burgers. I also love adding “flaked” raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds to recipes for extra nutrition.



Schnitzer Hand FlakerI also spent some time researching hand flakers, and purchased the “Schnitzer” flaker which has proved to be a great addition to my small kitchen appliances. It is super easy to use and I prefer that it does not need electricity to run.







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