Lost but not forgotten~ qi gong

I have been sore, tired and very stiff lately.

Although I stretch every morning while I wait for my coffee to brew, I felt I needed more.

I had gone to the library and flipped through a few stretching/yoga type books; watched a couple of short video clips on stretching…but nothing was feeling very much like it was for me.

This afternoon I remembered some qi gong exercises that I use to do, so I rummaged through my old files and finally found my videos copied onto an old usb thumb drive of all places.

After I figured out how to play it on my laptop, I turned on the 1st vid and stretched along with qi gong master, Lee Holden.

I totally forgot how amazing these exercises are and how great I feel afterwards!

The link directly below is of a one minute qi gong exercise to relieve stress and transform into positive energy:



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For more info and videos by Lee check out the link below:


You can also follow him on facebook:

Holden facebook



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