Flaking Whole Grains

Flaker Schnitzer_2478I like to make my own “rolled oats” and other whole grains to make granola, porridge and rolled or flaked grains for baking.

By flaking my own whole grains, I am capturing all of the natural vitamins and minerals of the grain before they are taken out by commercial processing which increases product shelf life.

The same health reasons apply as to why I mill my own flour and use whole grains (see the “About Whole Grain” page under Health & Wellness).

After some product research I purchased the Schnitzer “hand flaker”.
I’ve found this to be a well made product, and easy to use.



A few examples of what I use flaked grains for are:

Home made granola
Home made granola bars
Oat cookies
Add to home baked gluten free bread



click to go to my recipe page

check out the Schnitzer flakers




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