Energize with bee pollen!

Bee pollen has long been known to consistently produce more energy, vigor, and physical and athletic stamina in people who consume bee pollen as part of their daily diet. Athletes regard it as the legal sports enhancer. That’s because bee pollen contains as much as 40% protein, as well as all 22 amino acids.

“The British Sports Counsel saw a 40% – 50% increase in strength of every athlete who took bee pollen regularly”.

Honey Comb

With almost twice the amount of protein in beef, twice as much iron than any other food, and substantial amounts of highly-absorbable vitamins and minerals, thousands of world-class athletes take bee pollen as their competitive advantage.



“Studies confirm that bee pollen is life-prolonging, as well having powerful antibiotic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties”.




By taking bee pollen daily it can help:



Increase muscle growth and definition

Boost immune system

Fights bacterial infection

Allergies – Pollen reduces the presence of histamine, ameliorating many allergies. Dr. Leo Conway, M.D of Denver Colorado, reported that 94 percent of his patients were completely free from allergy symptoms once treated with oral feeding of pollen.

Respiratory System – Bee pollen contains a high quantity of antioxidants that may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues of the lungs, preventing the onset of asthma

Combats fatigue, depression, and sleep disorders

Reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, and the risk of heart disease. Relieves symptoms of Type 2 diabetes by restoring mineral and energy deficiencies

Supports weight management by increasing the burn rate of fats and calories

Prevents and inhibits the growth of mutated cells that lead to diseases such as cancer

Helps relieve migraine headaches

Is a natural antioxidant- Relieves and rebuilds damaged, inflamed tissue (muscles and joints) through its extraordinary levels of antioxidants

Improves libido balance and enhances fertility

Smoothes wrinkles

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Great for your dog too!

Increase your dog’s energy levels significantly with bee pollen supplements, improving vigor and quality of life. It also increases your dog’s life span due to the nutrient intense properties of this pollen.


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