Enduro training skills

Home on a “rest day”, watching youtube enduro training vids!

I found a series of some excellent skills tips:

This trick saved me yesterday, getting stuck in snow!

“Roll back a little bit and use that run up, instead of wasting energy and trying to push the bike over with your legs….”


Clontolled clutch dropTRACTION TIPS WHEN YOU’RE STUCK: Cross Training Enduro Skills






Pivot turn skillsHOW TO DO PIVOT TURNS ON ENDURO BIKES: Cross Training Enduro Skills





Graham Jarvis wheelieI also got hooked on watching Graham Jarvis and Jonny Walker go pro vids, which has helped me to “see the line at speed!”

Erzberg is the hardest enduro race, so is super exciting to watch the pro’s ride it!

Check out the “lines” that Johnny Walker takes to win the race:

Jonny Walker Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Full Race Win




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