Eat healthy– Read why I choose not to use commercial flour and why!

note: home milled flour is used in these recipes. I use a mix of whole grains for variety  (ie spelt, buckwheat, oats, rye, amaranth). As these grains have less gluten which helps bind the dough, I add about 1 T psyllium husk flakes or 1 tsp psyllium powder per 2 cups of flour. You may also substitute grains which contain gluten for gluten free grains.

If you use commercial flour in these recipes, you may use slightly less liquid.


Irish potato bread

Cornbread apple-raspberry cake

Irish soda bread

Pear-ginger jam

Pear-rhubarb chutney

Chocolate truffles

Heritage sourdough whole grain bread

Kombucha tea

Salted popped grain snack-stove top method

Fruit custard pie

cornbread apple sauce muffins

perfect chocolate cake

quinoa power squares

apple crumble

red kuri squash pie

fruit & date squares

winter squash pie

Pan bread

Fried green tomatoes

Home made chocolate bark

Fresh apple cake