Compost tea for a healthy garden

My hay bale garden in progress, with the help of compost tea!

Compost tea is similar to adding manure or other natural soil boosters to your garden.

It’s free of cost and works very well!





Compost tea helps increase plant growth, helps suppress diseases & provides beneficial organisms.


There are two ways to make compost tea:

1) Take a shovel full of compost if you happen to have some, and mix it with a garbage can full of water. Cover and let ferment. (Takes a couple of days) When it becomes smelly it is ready and can be diluted with more water and poured onto your hay bales, garden soil or plants.






2) If you don’t have compost, pick a bucket full of fresh weeds from your garden, grasses & leaves work well. Throw them into a plastic container ( I have a spare plastic garbage can I use) add water, cover and let ferment. I stir it once in awhile and add more water over a couple of days. Once the fresh plants have fermented and dissipated into the water and is bit smelly, your tea is ready!






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