Carrot winter storage

It is almost the end of March and I am still enjoying fresh crisp carrots that were harvested last December!

Read on to find out the secret to keeping my carrot harvest from going limp or rotting..

Dig up your carrots just before the ground freezes. The year before I waited too long, and painstakingly dug hard frozen ground to extract my carrots!

Snap off all the greens (I save them for salads or adding to stir fries), and clean off the dirt.

I used a tupperware bin and covered my clean carrots in dry sand. The sand keeps the air form your carrots, decreasing any change of spoilage. As well, it is important not to leave any greens or dirt on your carrots so there is nothing to promote rotting.


Next, store your harvest in a cool place over winter. A root cellar, cool basement or cooler, where temperatures do not go below freezing or above about 3c.

You can take carrots when you need them, leaving the rest covered under the sand.

Read more on how to store root crops over the winter:








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