Butternut Marmalade

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Agi Malm, the original owner of the Old Airport Gardens in Lillooet BC.

Agi, now 84 years young still works daily at the gardens, and as I have found is still very passionate about the gardens, with every squash and cucumber that she picks!

Agi told me that she and her husband, Arnold who is also still working the farm at 82 year old, developed the land from scratch in the 70’s.


Corn Field_5425


Arnold Malm


Today, her son Bob and his life partner Monica and their daughters Kaylee and Danika, continue to work and live off of the farm. It’s hard work as they are open 7 days a week, and pick everything fresh daily!

I can’t imagine what Agi must have been like when she was 30 years old, as even today she is hard to keep up with!

Agi is an artist and has some of  her water colour paintings on display at Lillooet’s Miyazaki House.

She is also the creator of her own recipe, “Butternut Marmalade”, and makes mixed berry jams, all of which are available at the garden stand!


Aggies Jams_5220







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