Beta Evo 300SS review

My new ride is a 2019 Beta 300SS.

I have moved from the heavier Montesa 300RR four stroke for the lighter and so much easier kick start of the Beta Evo 2 stroke trials bike.

I previously owned the Beta Evo 250, though found I like the extra cc’s for getting up those huge sandy hillclimbs that I love to ride so much!




The “SS” stands for “super smooth”, which it is!
The added weight to the flywheel lends to a smoother power delivery, as does the “Hi-Torque” exhaust system and the heavier primary drive gear.

The torque of the 300 has proven very convenient for pulling out of steep sharp ditch type terrain, and can get me up steep rutted hillclimbs with little effort.



This bike feels light and nimble, and I am finding turning on steep switchbacks and tight corners much easier as the bike feels very nimble.

The specs list only about 15 lbs weight difference between the Montesa and the Beta300SS, though the Beta feels much lighter.

For instance getting the front wheel up and popping over logs is proving to be easier than the “planted” Montesa, as well as “unweighting” the front end to flow over tangled masses of roots.


I’ve had the Beta out on 4 serious technical rides so far, and have found my skill level has bumped up a couple of notches!

Riding up steep rutted lines seems pretty effortless other than having to regulate my breathing.
All I have to do is: look ahead, stay balanced and keep the throttle on!
Picking my way to the top feels very controlled as the power delivery of the bike comes on so smoothly…or should I say “super smoothly!” lol!

The torque of the bike took me up some nasty terrain easily and smoothly, where as before I had to really twist the throttle to keep the machine going.

The suspension is fine even as I am only a 110 lb rider, I could flow down fast single track in 4th and 5th gear without feeling like I was going to bounce off the trail.


I  changed the stock levers replacing them with my favourite “Arc” levers, which are more adjustable for smaller hands and have a slim and shorter profile than the stock levers.








I also added a 1 litre fuel tank and mounted it with the special bracket it came with; mounting it under the headlight.








As well I changed the “push button” off switch to a magnetic off switch, for the added safety of not having the motor scream out of control if I happen to get bucked off my steed!








And of course a spark arrestor was also mounted as I play in desert like terrain.

The other item I want to swap out, is a wider foot peg, as I am finding my feet are getting sore on the trim stock pegs after a few hours of riding.

So far I am totally lovin’ this powerful 300 and look forward to hopefully a mild-snow free winter so I can get some more time on the pegs!


If you’re in BC and want to buy one of these bikes, give Bob at Mountain Motorcyle a call!

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