Beat the heat with the help of cell salts

Cell Salts are effective in stimulating natural healing responses. They relieve and support recovery of common problems such as colds, flu, earaches, and other ailments. Cell Salts give you the flexibility to treat minor health issues quickly and effectively. As they do not interact with other medications, Cell Salts complement any health plan. More and more healthcare practitioners are embracing Cell Salts for natural, self-care options for people and their pets.

Beat the heat with Cell Salt #12  Silica-Cleanses skin and balances perspiration

Take before and after workouts – cell salts are natural electrolytes!


Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, a German doctor, established the theory of Biochemical medicine in 1873. Dr. Schuessler combined the principles of biochemistry with homeopathy to give us the 12 safe and natural cell salts, each derived from one of the 12 inorganic mineral compounds most important to our cellular health.

How do Cell Salts work?

Cell salts stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to satisfy mineral deficiencies and imbalances. Dr. Schuessler, states in his theory, that deficiencies in these minerals give the body what it needs to maintain health and treat illness.
Who can take Cell Salts?

Cell Salts are specially formulated in homeopathic micro-doses, making them safe for the whole family including children over two years old and pets.

Hyland Cell Salts

Cell Salt Use Chart

#1 Calcium Fluoride– Restores flexibility & elasticity and supports bone growth, Strengthens bones, skin, teeth

Muscle strain and weakness
Arthritic or injured joints
Hemorrhoid symptoms
Gum/dental pain, teething, toothaches, sensitive teeth.
Improves circulation.
Expectorant for colds/coughs.

#2 Calcium Phosphate- Aids proper growth and development of bones and teeth formation.

Iron deficiency
Afflictions of the bones
Issues with teeth
Growing pains
#1 remedy for osteoporosis
Sore throat, difficulty swallowing
#1 remedy for feeling overwhelmed.

#3 Calcium Phosphate-Heals skin conditions.

Used by the liver in removal of wastes and toxins from the body
Wounds, rashes, acne, boils & abscesses


#4 Iron Phosphate– Carries oxygen and is an anti-inflammatory.
First aid cell salt. Inflammation = redness, heat, pain, and swelling. Crush tablets and apply to cuts and scrapes to speed healing.
Increases oxygenation and circulation.

Ear pain
Sinus headaches

#5 Potassium Chloride– Reduces congestion, aids in digestion, Sinus infections/ear pressure, anxiety and nervousness.

Sinus issues
Ear congestion
Slow digestion

#6 Potassium Phosphate-Provides nutrient to nerves.

Nervous, stress headaches, anxiousness, stress
Neuralgic Pain
Weak memory & mental focus

#7 Potassium Sulphate– Supports  perspiration & respiration balance.

Skin & scalp dryness
Stiff joints
Detox support
Hot flashes

#8 Magnesium Phosphate-Relaxes spasms of the nerves & muscles

Muscle spasms & cramps, menstrual cramps
Menstrual cramps

#9 Sodium Chloride-Maintains moisture throughout the system and aids nutrition.

Balances fluids, constipation, headaches
Edema, puffy eyes, dry skin, puffy eyes, hay fever, dry skin & nails.
Major emotional grief remedy. PMS/Menopause symptoms.
Water retention, high blood pressure, digestion and heartburn.
#1 remedy for cold sores

#10 Sodium Phosphate– Neutralizes acid and aids in functions of the digestive organs.

Stiff muscles & joints
Nausea and vomiting
Indigestion, heartburn and diarrhea
Balances acidity. Gout, stiffness and swelling
Detoxification Kidneys, cystitis, diabetes, low blood sugar
Digestion: reflux, gas, food allergies, hives

#11 Sodium Sulphate-Aids in water distribution and elimination, supports live and kidney function and supports respiratory system.

Digestion, waste removal
Nausea, asthma, nausea, gas, diarrhea
Heartburn, indigestion
Depression, anxiety

#12 Silica-Cleanses skin and balances perspiration

Chronic skin conditions, scars, acne, weak nails
Excessive perspiration
Physical weakness, stamina

Bioplasma – This formula combines all 12 Cell Salts and can be taken daily to support overall cell health.

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