BC Artist at the Pacific Arts Market

As a BC artist I’d like to extend my thanks to Crystal at the Pacific Arts Market for helping all of us to get our art out there! This was a big deal for me coming from a very small community up here in Lillooet BC, to come down to the city to show off my wares.

*My display is at the Pacific arts Market until Dec 22nd.

The art of weaving Ponderosa pine needle baskets has been around for a long time, though I am self taught and my designs are unique. I revel in free form shapes, leaving the ends of the pine needles on, and weaving colour, wild feathers and wild harvested lichens into my baskets.

Behind the scenes are many hours of hand picking perfect dry needles directly off the ground after a windy day.

Each basket takes hours to make and I enjoy every minute of it!

I was addicted after the first basket I made years ago, and I have come to realize that my life just would not be the same if I ever stopped creating these little beauties.

I hope you enjoy my creations, and I hope they inspire you in some wonderful way!

The Pacific Arts Market is located at 1448 W. Broadway (near Granville St, upstairs), Vancouver BC.


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