Balanced lifestyle


I have come to realize that I am fortunate to have a perfect balance between exercise and my zen like art making.








 I am as addicted to adrenaline sports as I am to making art!







Physical exertion allows me to relax enabling my artistic side to appear. 






Being physically healthy by eating basic locally harvested foods helps my body to endure daily physical exertion.






It is interesting that my intensity is the same wether I am riding or weaving a basket!









I am also aware that I am extremely lucky to have several things in my life that I am passionate about. I could not imagine my life without that passion.






I feel that I have been blessed with a purpose; to create beautiful art which brings joy into mine and people’s lives around me. It gives me great pleasure to see people’s faces light up with smiles and “gasps” with the surprise at seeing the art that I have created!







A follower commented on one of my posts, saying that I was inspiring.

I was so pleased to read that comment, as it is my ultimate goal of sharing this blog, hoping to help change people’s lives for the better in some small way.







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