Adventure Season Begins with some great rides up to the snow line..

Bikes Poison Ride 6 May16_8179_2

We rode with great expectations hoping to get to the summit of Poison Mountain

We got very close to the top until the snow was too deep to ride through..”2 feet is too deep”.


Honda Poison baseball field 6 May16_8172_2


Beautiful sunny meadows below the summit, a nice spot to stop for lunch, the temp is close to 30c so we were sweating in our merino wool long johns and tops!
AK Tiffin 7 May16_8188_2Day 2: sorry can’t tell you where on this one, but I was smarter and only wore a cotton shirt as temps hit 30 again today!
Rode through some meadows where the alpine flowers were blinding!

Lots of wild horses running around and crazy beautiful views…


ADK Tiffin trail 7 May16_8207








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