About Shea Butter

The name Karite means the Tree of Life, due to the multitude of important uses that shea butter provides.

Handful shea nutsIn Africa, it is used in daily cooking, and also taken therapeutically for colds and flus In the Yoruba tradition, shea butter is the ceremonial food for the orishas: Obatala, Olokun, and Orumila.

It is used on newborns and infants daily to protect their sensitive skin from irritants.
It is also used extensively by the elderly to treat afflictions of the joints and to maintain the suppleness of their skin. Many people use it regularly on their feet to heal cracks made by the dry Sahara dust.


Healing Properties:

Arthritis and Rheumatism – Shea butter is deeply penetrating and heating to soothe painful joints and aching muscles, arthritis and joint pain.
Sensitive Skin – infants with highly sensitive skin, as shea butter is close to vernix, the substance found on newborns at birth.
Prevention and treatment of stretch marks and other kinds of scar tissue. It is also good for the healing of the sore and cracked nipples of nursing mothers.
Aids in the elderly and invalids for use to prevent bed sores and to ensure continued suppleness and moisture of their skin.
Accelerates wound healing, scars and treat various skin ailments like eczema, dry skin, rashes  and burns, frostbite, anti inflammatory against insect bites, , fades stretch marks, skin anti oxidant, Natural UV Sun protection

Block Shea ButterWhat sets African Shea apart from other Natural Oils?

The components of most seed oils can be divided into two important categories.
The first is called the saponifiabe fraction which contain most of the moisturizing properties.
The second category is called the nonsaponifiable fraction, which contain most of the healing properties.

What sets shea butter and oil apart from other seed and nut oils and butters is its exceptionally large nonsaponifiable fraction; containing important nutrients, vitamins and other valuable phytonutrients required for healing.

While having an excellent moisturizing fraction, in most other seed oils and butters the healing fraction is very small, often 1% or less.
Shea butter, depending on the source and processing methods, has a nonsaponifiable fraction of 5% up to as much as 17%.
Because shea butter has such a high percentage of nonsaponifiables, in addition to its moisturizing qualities, regular use of this natural cream can effectively treat many of the skin problems listed above. It is out of these unique healing properties that the Karite tree came to be known as the Tree of Life .


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Shea Butter for Dogs

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Used for cracked paws, wards off infected wounds, speeds wound healing, dry skin, due to it’s antibacterial properties.