A crunchy tasty healthy alternative to store bought crackers!

Dehydrated Quinoa Crackers

Instead of turning my oven on, I dehydrated my quinoa crackers and they turned out perfect!
A crunchy tasty healthy alternative to store bought crackers!
You can add whatever you like, these one’s have raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds, flax and hemp seed.

Makes 5 x 10″ x 12″ trays

160f (71c) approximately 7-8 hours


1 1/2c quinoa (measured uncooked)
3c water

1/2c ground chia seed
1 3/4c water

1 tsp Himalayan salt
1/2c raw pumpkin seed
1/2c raw sunflower seed
1/4c hemp seed


1/4c flax seed
1/4c roasted sesame seed
2T  black sesame seed

Cook quinoa & 3 c water 15 minutes until fluffy. Let cool.
Combine ground chia seed & 1 3/4c water, stir well with whisk, let thicken (a few minutes)
Stir in rest of ingredients
Spoon onto liquid dehydrator trays as thin as you are able to without holes.

Dry on high in dehydrator about 7-8 hours until completely dry & crispy.
You may need to flip over the pieces 3/4 the way through the drying process.

Break into 4” pieces and store in an airtight container.



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