Winter veggie stir fry

Lunch made from garden carrots harvested last fall and stored under sand in my cooler, red cabbage traded at last summers farmers market, local honey, ginger & apple from my garden!


2 tsp coconut butter
1 small apple
1/2c julienne carrot
1 c julienne red cabbage
1/4c roasted unsalted or raw nuts (I used roasted unsalted mixed almond, cashew, pecan and pistachios)
1 T unpasteurized honey
1/2 tsp minced fresh ginger
dash Himalayan salt





Heat cast iron skillet over med heat
Melt butter
Sauté vegetables until tender but still crisp (only takes a couple of minutes)
Add ginger and salt
Melt in honey
Stir to cover veg in melted honey
Serve hot!




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