Wild mustard greens salad

I’ve gone through the winter incorporating dried veggies into my meals (squash, zucchini, carrot top greens) and I have been jonseing for a fresh green salad!

The lettuce in my greenhouse is not quite enough for a big salad, but soon discovered wild mustard plants growing in my back yard!

I looked up the possibility of harvesting the fresh green leaves for eating and was pleasantly surprised to find numerous nutritious benefits this plant has!

High in fibre and antioxidants and a whole lot more!

All of this plant is edible including the flowers.




Mustard plant leaves have a peppery zesty flavour and mix well with mild lettuces and spinach in a salad.

The leaves are also tasty when cooked.

I sauteed a bunch of leaves and added it to my rice veggie dinner and it was super tasty!






My mustard leaf salad recipe makes 2 large servings:

2 c leaves, break into bite sized pieces as you would lettuce
2 c baby lettuce and or spinach (whatever you have handy)
1/2 diced large navel orange (save the other half for next day’s salad!)
2 T apple cider vinegar or kombucha tea
2 T avocado oil

4 T toasted pumpkin, sunflower & minced almond
1T hemp seed
2 T dried cranberries


Thoroughly wash all greens, dry in spinner if you have one, or dump the greens
on a clean dish towel, fold it over and pat dry.

In a large bowl, add diced orange pieces and drizzle oil & cider over the greens and mix together (tongs work well).
Sprinkle toasted seed/nut mixture on top, lightly mix and serve!


More info about mustard plants:

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