The Way to Recovery with Qi Gong and Master Herbalist

I was introduced to Qi Gong many years ago by my Master herbalist, Sarah Orlowski who practiced at that time in the Squamish Valley of BC.
I had started seeing her as an alternate health practitioner, having been feeling very ill and unable to diagnose my issues by conventional physicians. My heart rate was monitored for 24 hours at a time, I had a brain scan, blood tests, saw an optometrist specialist, but they could not find out why at times I would have very similar migraine symptoms, where I was unable to see with a very bright light in my eyes. I did not have the headaches which accompanies migraines, nor any of the other symptoms. As well, I had become so utterly exhausted going from vigorous years of training, to unable to go for an easy 30 minute walk! Physically, I had not changed my routine and was quite baffled as to why all of a sudden I was so tired.

For years, I kept a log of my daily training routines, how I felt & my heart rate. Accompanied with that information and a few sessions with Sarah, she was able to determine what my body needed to become balanced again. As a Master herbalist, she had the skills to make custom tinctures and teas to help get my body back on track.

Sarah now lives in Grand Forks and travels regularly to teach. She also provides phone consultations if you are not in an area where she travels to, and she will make tinctures and mail them to you.

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Over the two years while my body began to repair itself, Sarah introduced Qi Gong to our community and I joined the group after failing at having the strength to practice yoga.

Qi Gong is a very non invasive way to stretch and to re energize, gaining strength and tranquility from the earth.

Qi Gong Circle

I had a favorite place by a stream close to my house where I often visited for a few minutes of Qi Gong relaxation. Practicing for as little as 10 or 15 minutes helped re energize me as if I had had a massage or a nap for an hour! I also used the technique at the “put in” right before I paddled a river, to alleviate any stress I might have felt.


A couple of years ago, I came across a Beginner Instructional video from our library by Lee Holden. I had watched a few videos by other instructors, and found the pace too fast and hard to follow and the filming too far away at times, so that you could not really see the moves. Lee has a very calming voice and is very easy to learn from as he minimizes his descriptive words, and you can easily see every move he makes. He has an excellent series that is available online:



I no longer need herbal remedies having fully re covered from what I believe was illness due to acute stress, though I continue to practice Qi Gong, incorporating some of the moves with my morning stretching routine.



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