Woven gourd art

I have integrated my pine needle weaving with my gourd art.
These little gems do not need electricity like my gourd lamps to display.

The gourds are Lillooet grown as are the Ponderosa pine needles.









Pieces come complete with either a cold forged, hand made pure copper stand that I make myself. The stand is about 3 1/2″ high by 4 1/2′ wide; or 3.5″ high wooden pedestal stand. )See individual item description).





Each gourd is unique in it’s size and shape and it’s original design is hand drawn
pyrography and highlighted with acrylic paint. They also have been coated with a protective sealant.










Woven gourd art currently available:


Locally grown gourd, original hand drawn pyrography and acrylic design, adorned with locally harvested Ponderosa pine needles.

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Woven “blackened” gourd art.
Original pyrography & acrylic hand drawn design.
Adorned with locally harvested Ponderosa pine needles.
Wooden pedestal stand included.


Sorry Sold!












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