Seton Ridge Hike

Seton Ridge Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 3.1 km to look out

Time: Hiking Guide book estimate 2 ½ hours up. 1 ½ hours down, though with moderate fitness it can be done within an hour up.

  • Max elevation: 1830 mtrs
  • Elevation gain: 570 mtrs
  • Topo map: Shalath 92-J/9
  • Drive from Lillooet town center: 45 minutes, 19 kms

Heading south on the Duffy Hwy from Lillooet 19 kms.


Duffy Hwy Below_4426

Dirt road on your right at 19km across Cayoosh Creek wooden bridge. The road cut into the cliff face is narrow at places, steep and windy.




Wild Strawberries_4522

4 x 4 vehicle with good clearance and good tires required! Follow the winding dirt road up to a small flat clearing.(6 km)

Right now the parking area is covered in mouth watering wild strawberries! So mind your feet when you get out of your vehicle!





The flagged trail head is on your left 125 mtrs, up a double track spur from the parking area.

Mossy Trees_4421Flowers_4400


Seton Ridge Arrow_4524Follow the narrow steep trail up to the ridge spine where you will see a wooden “trail” arrow, pointing the way to a fabulous lookout about 15 minutes ahead.





Seton Arrow View2_4527Seton Ridge Arrow View_4526

From the look out you will have amazing views of Seton Lake, Mission Ridge to your left and the Cayoosh drainage to the south.

Angus Seton Lk View_4424Seton Ridge Lake View_4528

You can continue up into the alpine for days along the same trail.


A great summer hike as the trail up is entirely in the shade of the forest all the way up!





Hikes are listed in the “Canyon to Alpine”, Lillooet Hiking Guide, by the Naturalist Society and Backroad Map Books of BC.







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