ipad radiation remedy

I came across a remedy to help lessen radiation from our iPads, lap tops and cell phones after suffering from radiation sickness last year (click to read the original story).

I wanted to eliminate the radio waves from pinging off my devices, so I bought a  couple of parts to directly connect into my internet router:

I use apple products, so for my iPhone and I pad you need 3 parts to connect:


1) Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (this part usually comes when you buy an iPhone but if you don’t have one you can buy it from Apple) $39.00 CAD

Apple Canada









2) USB Ethernet Adapter, $15.99 from Amazon.

One of the more reliable brands is Cable Matters, USB 3 to ethernet:







3) Cat 6 Ethernet cable; don’t cheap out and get the thick one: about $32./50 ft Staples








By directly connecting to my router keeps me from radiation exposure! It’s a no brainer, directly connect your devices today!


Info link:




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