Harvest season, leads to food preserving

This years harvest season was full on for me, as I spent the season helping out the Malm family at their fruit and vegetable farm here in Lillooet.






Families from as far as Price George to Langley BC have been coming here for generations to pick the Malm’s famous field tomatoes.








This year has been an anomaly, with cooler summer temperatures that tomatoes are not a fan of.


Though the weather hasn’t been the best for tomato growing, Bob Merideth’s Caribou Golden Honey had moved his bees from a field farther away, close to the orchard, where plums, pears and apples have grown in great abundance this year!





Perks from helping out at the farm is the opportunity to bring home as much over ripe fruits and veg as I can handle, keeping them out of the compost and into canning jars!






This year has been a huge canning learning curve, with my first time making jams, relish, pickles and chutney.


Canning recipe page in the works…




Rhubarb-pear chutney

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